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We help parents discover there really is a "better way." Conscious Parenting allows parents to really connect to their kids AND see good behavior. Download our free Conscious Parenting Starter Kit today.

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Reveal Your Parenting Style

Take our short Parenting Superpower quiz to see which parenting archetype you embody. Discover your strengths and get recommendations to help you address your blind spots. Are you a Magic Maker, the Adoring Saint, Captain 'Cause, or something else?

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5 Day Parenting Challenge

Join over 2,500 parents who've taken the "Break All the Rules" Parenting Challenge. The next round starts May 1. Register now to save your spot! Parents love how quickly they start to see results. I you are struggling with discipline, you won't want to miss this.

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Mommy 911 - For The Tough Stuff

Parenting is the most important job in the world, but it shouldn't be the hardest. We've got multiple courses to help you target problem behavior. Great if you are sick of the tantrums, just need some more patience, or when timeouts aren't working anymore.

I am starting to realize that what makes this process so amazing is that you almost don’t even realize the changes that are happening, because they happen so deep down at a basic level. I have been doing the exercises, digging deep, and having a lot of great realizations about myself as a parent and a person. But so far I didn’t feel like I was consciously making a lot of changes to my actual parenting practices. What I didn’t realize, is how much this change in perspective is affecting my parenting and my relationship with my kids. It was only this morning, hanging out with my kids with a completely peaceful and positive atmosphere, that I realized I couldn’t remember the last time I had enjoyed a Saturday morning as much as I have today. What an amazing gift!

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You went into parenthood with a grand vision for all the beautiful times you’d have. How you’d gracefully and patiently handle fights between your kiddos, create Pinterest-worthy lunches and spend your time snuggling and playing with your kids.

And then you joined the club and it was so much different than you’d expected. Your body, your time, your sleep - it was all at the mercy of a tiny person who wasn’t as easy to please as you’d imagined. Your personal space, sense of self and identity all poof! Gone!

So you’re parenting from your reserves, but in your heart you know that they are running out. And you fear that if they DO, that YOU will run out. Away. Where you can make choices that allow you to have yourself, and your sanity, back.

And yet, you love your kids, your sweetie, your family all together. But your current way of doing things is Just. Not. Working. You tell yourself- there HAS to be another way! And there's called Conscious Parenting and we are excited show you the way.